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  1. - MYVITALY® VITA - Pure Olive leaf extract Liquid - 20% Oleuropein

    Olive leaf extract for your wellness, a powerful source of polyphenols found in the healthy Mediterranean diet.  

    Support for your heart, metabolism and immune system, protect cells from oxidative damage and keep yourself  healthy thanks to this antioxidant food supplement. 

    MyVitaly® VITA  is a highly concentrated and pure olive leaf extract, enriched with Calendula flower, popular for its naturally soothing properties and anti-inflammatory action.

    Start your journey to vitality and wellness now, with VITA! Shake it and drink it neat, or give your daily smoothie or herbal tea a vitality boost only by adding 50ml of olive leaf extract.

    Every box of MyVitaly® Vita contains 1 X 1000ml. Our 1000 ml bottle contains 20 daily doses. 

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  2. MYVITALY® SLIM - Metabolism Boosting Herbal Pills

    The best mix of herbal ingredients to feel good and fit. MYVITALY® Slim with Caffeine, Green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia and Olive Leaves.

    This herbal supplement is an effective metabolism booster that can help you to burn more calories, promotes the breakdown of fat and boost metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids.

    Amongst  the benefits of  these metabolism booster pills and olive leaf extract capsules there is an Antioxidant and Draining Action for the whole organism.

    Our box contains 2 X 60 pills. Suggested daily intake: 2 pills daily. The price is referring to 1 box

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  3. MYVITALY® BODY - Natural Moisturizing Body Cream

    Give your skin a dose of  ultra-rich hydratation, when you apply our exclusive Mediterranean inspired Body Cream with Olive oils, Olive leaf extracts and Shea Butter.

    MyVitaly® Body is a Natural Moisturizing Body Cream which leaves skin soft, smooth and healthy for 24 hours.

    For dry skins. Fresh and delicate, easily absorbed. Paraben free.

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  4. MYVITALY® VITA SHOT - Olive leaf extract Liquid - 20% Oleuropein 14x60 ml monodose

    Wellness to take away

    MyVitaly® VITA SHOT is a pure Olive Leaf Extract Liquid, a great antioxidant supplement, a strong immune support and a powerful source of polyphenols for the overall body health. Best Remedy to lower cholesterol.  MyVitaly® VITA SHOT  comes in a box of 14 single-dose sachets (14 pcs x 60ml).

    Bring the taste, freshness and wellness of Olive Leaf Extract MyVitaly with you!

    Start your journey to vitality and wellness now, with VITA SHOT.

    Our box contains 14 daily doses x 60ml. The price refers to 1 box

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  5. MyDetoxDay&Night

    MyVitaly MyDetox Day & Night is a botanical ingredients based product, consisting of 2 teas, MyDetox Day and MyDetox Night, combined to take advantage of their effect on the drainage of the organism (nettle, hibiscus) and antioxidant properties (rose hip, lemon vervain, ) of the ingredients. Moreover, dandelion sustains the body’s detoxification by stimulation of diuresis, while fennel supports detoxification systems.

    natural tea

    100% Natural Ingredients

    weight loss

    Weight Loss

    healthy diet

    Detox Action, Improved Health

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