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MyDetox - Night Cleanse

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MyVitaly MyDetox Night: pure and made in Italy detox tea for the night Cleanse - Unwind at night with caffeine-free blend that will naturally eliminate toxins, cleanse your system, reduce bloating and sluggish feeling, promote a better sleep and achieve healthful weight loss.

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Weight Loss

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Detox Action, Improved Health


MyVitaly MyDetox Night is a botanical ingredients based detox tea, a combination of herbs and fruits with a powerful  draining effect on the organism thanks to the presence of fennel and nettle. Moreover it is a natural antioxidant and it helpd the detoxification of the body by stimulation of diuresis.

Olive leaf supports the immune system while contributing to lipid degradation.


- Detoxes and cleanses internal organs

- Helps to relax you before bedtime

- It helps to reduce water retention and cellulite

- Slimming Action

- It supports your body’s regeneration while you sleep

Night herbal composition: Fennel Seeds, Nettle leaf, Licorice root, Olive leaves, Karkadè flowers, Canine Rose, Sweet Orange, flowers and leaves of Hawthorn, Rose petals and more yummy ingredients.



Olive Leaf


Simple use: take one serving, using our leaf infuser each morning and each night.

Dosage: 3g / 1 tablespoon in the morning and 3g / 1 spoon in the evening.

Let infuse into a cup of boiling water for 5-10 minutes

The package contains 1 night tea bag 100g


Fennel Seed 450mg Olive leaf 300mg
Lemon vervain 300mg Hibiscus 540mg
Rose Hip 540mg Fennel Seed 450mg
Sweet Orange 300mg Licorice 300mg

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