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Mary Gagnon - Google Rating: ( 14-10-2018 )

Review : My husband and I have been taking the olive leaf extract for over a month. The past couple of weeks I've noticed that I have more energy throughout the day. My husband notices improved digestion and improvement to his rosacea.

Camilla Dal Ben - Google Rating: ( 06-04-2021 )

Review : I have been using myvitaly products since 2019. I can only confirm that since then I have not caught any colds, bronchitis to which I have always been subject, sinusitis or flu. Furthermore, in December, I stayed at home to treat my parents with pneumonia due to covid and despite being with them 24/7 I never contracted the virus and I always felt full of energy despite spending long nights in home care. As for the cocoa butter, I find it better than many other similar products on the market but much more expensive; I use the Body cream constantly also for the face as it is very moisturizing and dries immediately it is an excellent base for make-up. In the neck I also make mask-type compresses. Excellent after sun or after lamp. My father also likes to use it after shaving. The hand sanitizing gel keeps them soft and fragrant despite using it many times a day (I prefer to always keep it in my bag and avoid using those placed at every entrance to the shop or office).

Costantino Andretta - Google Rating: ( 13-02-2020 )

Review : Thanks to Verdepuro Vita I was able to benefit from my physical problems that had been plaguing me for 20 years. I suffered from gastric reflux, difficulty digesting "at the end of every meal I felt like I had eaten an ox, how bloated I was". With each change of season the burning and swelling of both the stomach and intestines increased, as a result I always had headaches and constant tiredness, not to mention constipation. I used specific medicines for these problems. I had a pharmacy at home if I think about how many medicines I took. Then one day a friend made me try Verdepuro Vita knowing the problems I had, I didn't accept at first, I was very skeptical that just one product could help me, but being tired of taking medicine I wanted to try. After about a month of daily intake I started to have more energy and rested better at night, and the burning pain had decreased a little, which for me was already a lot. I therefore decided to continue and I can guarantee you that month after month the various problems I was suffering from decreased and I no longer got sick, in fact I haven't been sick for 2 years, not even a cold, and my blood pressure has now regularised, suffering from high blood pressure. low. I hope that my testimony will help more people, because this is my goal. Constantine

Costantino Andretta - Google Rating: ( 10-02-2021 )

Review : THE ANCHOR OF MY SALVATION Thanks to Verdepuro Vita I have had some benefits with regard to my physical problems that have been afflicting me for 20 years: - I suffered from gastric reflux - "difficulty digesting" and, at the end of each meal, it seemed to me that I had eaten an ox since I felt swollen". With each change of season, the burning and swelling of both the stomach and intestines increased, as a result I always had a headache and continuous tiredness, not to mention constipation. I hope my testimony helps more people, because this is my goal. Constantine

Giorgio Grigoletto - Google Rating: ( 04-02-2020 )

Review : In the month of September, I began my journey to fix my mouth and its teeth which were in really bad shape. I therefore turned to a dentist who proposed that to settle the matter I should undergo a total of ten implants, four for the upper arch and six for the lower one. Naturally, during this period, especially in the days before and after operations, I increased my intake of Verdepuro Bio by taking it at least two/three times a day. Already after the insertion of the first four implants, following the first check-up which took place a week after the operation, the dentist asked me what I had done because it had never happened that the gums had practically settled in such a short time. Naturally I told him about Verdepuro and its fantastic benefits and do you know how it ended? That now even the dentist takes Verdepuro Bio!

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- Fb Rating: ( 09-04-2023 )

Review : Build your wealth with forex / bitcoins trading, You also need an expert and trustworthy trader. I can undoubtedly recommend this trader Mrs Debra Gary to you, she is an expert in forex and bitcoin trading and also proven to be trustworthy and reliable. I earned $15,200 from my $1,500 investment. You can contact her via Email: WhatsApp:+12522852775

- Fb Rating: ( 03-10-2022 )

Review : ottimi prodotti,azienda seria veneta! li consiglio a tutti

- Fb Rating: ( 02-03-2021 )

Review : Verdepuro, detox eccezionale!

- Fb Rating: ( 02-03-2021 )

Review : L’ANCORA DELLA MIA SALVEZZA Grazie a Verdepuro Vita ho avuto dei benefici per quel che riguardava i miei problemi fisici che mi affliggevano da ben 20 anni: - soffrivo di reflusso gastrico - “difficoltà a digerire “ e, ad ogni fine pasto m, mi sembrava di aver mangiato un bue da quanto mi sentivo gonfio”. Ad ogni cambio stagione il bruciore e il gonfiore sia dello stomaco che dell’intestino aumentava, di conseguenza avevo sempre mal di testa e una stanchezza continua, per non parlare della stipsi. Spero che la mia testimonianza sia di aiuto a più persone, perchè questo è il mio obbiettivo. Costantino

- Fb Rating: ( 22-12-2019 )

Review : Ottimo prodotto Provato l’olio e le tisane

- Fb Rating: ( 20-11-2019 )

Review : Lovely products. I am so happy that I met you in Malmö last week.

- Fb Rating: ( 09-07-2018 )

- Fb Rating: ( 16-06-2018 )

Review : Utilizzo VerdePuro da 1 anno ormai. Faccio attività sportiva a livello agonistico e seguo una alimentazione controllata. VerdePuro soprattutto nel periodo estivo mi è di grande aiuto contro fatica e debolezza. Mi aiuta nel controllo del peso ed è un ottimo antiossidante, regola intestino. i benefici riscontrati sono diversi; ho persino risolto il problema dei dolori mestruali! Consigliatissimo!

- Fb Rating: ( 06-06-2018 )

Review : sono asmatica da sempre e con il verdepuro posso dire che aumentando le difese immunitarie posso ritenermi disintossicata da cortisone antibiotici antifiammatori etc etc consigliarlo? no deve diventare un abitudine quotidiana

- Fb Rating: ( 01-02-2018 )

- Fb Rating: ( 20-11-2017 )

- Fb Rating: ( 15-11-2017 )

Review : Avevo problemi alla pelle del viso. Ero sempre viola e adesso il problema è sparito. Mi ha regolato il ciclo e mi sento più sgonfia oltre ad avere meno fame. Penso di non smettere mai di prenderlo.

- Fb Rating: ( 27-10-2017 )

Review : Prodotti da testare x crederci sul benessere che dara' al vostro corpo e alla vostra pelle

- Fb Rating: ( 13-02-2017 )

- Fb Rating: ( 25-11-2016 )

- Fb Rating: ( 07-11-2016 )

- Fb Rating: ( 27-10-2016 )

- Fb Rating: ( 26-10-2016 )

- Fb Rating: ( 01-09-2016 )

- Fb Rating: ( 24-08-2016 )

- Fb Rating: ( 14-07-2016 )

Review : Verdepuro Vita è eccezionale! :) Lo sto usando da diversi mesi e ho regolarizzato la mia pression e il colesterolo. Anche i valori della glicemia sono scesi. Ora mi sento più energico e in forma. Veramente un grande prodotto e una grande azienda! :)

- Fb Rating: ( 05-07-2016 )

Review : Con verde puro ho iniziato gradualmente a risolvere alcune intolleranze alimentari. e non ho affanno (causato dalla mia anemia)

- Fb Rating: ( 05-07-2016 )

- Fb Rating: ( 04-07-2016 )

- Fb Rating: ( 14-06-2016 )

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