Other good news coming if you suffer from chronic acne outbreaks and you are looking for an effective and affordable home treatment. It has been shown that olive leaf extract can help to improve psoriasis and skin problems- and also the unpleasant acne. The cause of acne can basically be boiled down to a hormone imbalance.

The responsibility for balancing these hormones and cleaning the blood rests with the liver. A weakened or overworked liver is unable to keep your hormones in balance leading to potential acne outbreaks that even the most expensive acne creams and treatments are powerless to prevent (because action in these cases should be done from the inside, more deeply)

Toxins known as mycotoxins are produced by mold or yeast and spread through your bloodstream and major organs. These toxins weaken the liver and are considered largely responsible for hormonal imbalances that lead to acne. Olive leaf extract has powerful anti-fungal properties and is able to destroy the toxins which weaken the liver.

As well as cleaning the liver, olive leaf extract is also an effective weapon against the bacteria that aggravates the symptoms of acne. This combination of effects makes olive leaf extract an effective acne treatment either when used alone or in combination with your conventional treatments.

In the same way that it can help with acne, the antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory actions of olive leaf extract might help treat those suffering from eczema.


For acne outbreaks we suggest a treatment with liquid olive leaf extract MyVitaly Vita daily (in the morning before breakfast, so that it is quickly absorbed). Before going to sleep put some drops of olive leaf extract on the face (where acne is more visible) and leave it to cleanse your skin for the entire night.


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